The Adventures of a Travelling Fox

Life is an adventurous journey through our world - and we write about all the things we encounter between Europe and Southeast Asia in a collection of five intriguing categories.

Conflicting Interests

'Focus on one topic' they said 'You can make money' they insisted 'Just copy what they do', they tried to convince me.
Well, I dabbled in these things with various blogs and sites in the past - and it not just didn't work out as intended for a variety of reasons, it also was dead boring. Why dismiss an inspiration that gets your mind going (= happiness), just because it doesn't fit 'your' topic?

For this reason I decided to run a freaking PUNK site now. Five topics in two languages, undercategories that have absolutely nothing to do with travel except if you see life itself as a journey through time and space. If Da Lat is an interesting travel destination, I go there and write about it. If the purple dye was made from snails, I dive into the topic. If the Andromeda galaxy crashes into our Milky Way, I find it so intriguing that I share it with you. And if Ralf makes damn good gelato in Saigon, I tell you to try it yourself.

Because I want to pass on inspiration I received from others to my readers, to you.

New Article: Grass Jelly
Today I was craving for a dessert, but too lazy to go out. So I cooked myself up some grass jelly. Lovely!
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Grass Jelly

About FoxTravels

What started a long time ago, one baby step after the other, being deleted, changed, moved, redesigned, deleted again, currently appears in this shape here:
FoxTravels: The Adventures of a Travelling Fox.
It is a website about travel in Asia and Europe, but also about life in these places. About the food, the culture and virtually everything that happens to move our mind these days.

In the beginning, I intended to create a complete travel guide, however that has been done before and unless you keep it up to date, it's pretty much useless (as you can see in many examples). Instead just take the website as a recollection of the things I am interested in and I have done. Between stories and tutorials, you may discover interesting bits and pieces, tips and instructions on how to find your own satisfaction when travelling and living.

Always remember, I do as I do, while you do as you do. Get your inspiration fix here, but to fulfill your dreams you need to follow your own dreams in the first place.

The picturesque Dai Beach on Phu Quoc IslandThe picturesque Dai Beach on Phu Quoc Island | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Creative Commons Travel Photos

Most of the photos we take on our travels we publish under a creative commons license. That means everybody can use them if they mention as the source and do not actively make money with our pictures. The reason for that is, that we ourselves often need pictures or information when writing articles about travelling in Southeast Asia. We are happy if we find travel photos under Creative Commons licenses, so we want to give back to the community of travel bloggers and photographers by sharing our own pictures with you.

Have fun!

Phu Quoc RidgebackPhu Quoc Ridgeback
The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is the only breed of dogs that is actually native to Vietnam. Let us find out more about them!
Phu Quoc Fish SaucePhu Quoc Fish Sauce
Fish sauce is one of the natural products Phu Quoc is really famous for.
The Three Stages of Culture ShockThe Three Stages of Culture Shock
Not only writers who relocate to other countries sometimes, but everybody else may be interested in the phenomenon of culture shock.
9 Alternative Things To Do In Saigon Today9 Alternative Things To Do In Saigon Today
Instead of running after the main tourist attractions in Saigon, you can do some lovely alternative things to satisfy your cravings for food, entertainment or adventure shopping.
Phu Quoc Island Fishing VillagesPhu Quoc Island Fishing Villages
There are several fishing villages and fishing towns you can visit during your stay on Phu Quoc Island. Some of them are quite big, like Duong Dong or An Thoi, while others are just assemblies of ramshackle buildings and fishing boats.
Growth of the Middle Class in VietnamGrowth of the Middle Class in Vietnam
The surging economy of Vietnam is not only beneficial for the upper class. More and more families experience an increase in wealth and therefore standard.

New Article: Bach Ma National Park
Bach Ma National Park is a stunningly beautiful and natural landscape in the center of Vietnam, right next to the heritage city of Hue.
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Bach Ma National Park

Main Categories

For the sake of accessability of the many articles, pictures and other stuff on this site, we need to squish the bunch of them into categories. Don't get me wrong, I love chaos, but too much is too much.

Travel & Life

Where ever we may roam - Austria, Vietnam, Europe, Asia or Mars - there is always interesting stuff to be discovered. I document our experiences so our readers may draw their own inspiration from the articles. Some just roughly describe what you can expect at a certain location, others are an in-depth description of the background, history and more. I also try to provide lots of images to go with the articles. Most of them I take myself, some I get from creative commons resources.
Travel & Life

Food & Beverage

I love food. Without food I would die for sure.
Restaurants, bars, streetside kitchens, home cooking or eating out - food is a mirror of culture and I have not found out a better method to learn more about a society than by their eating habits.
Even my wife I met at a restaurant, so here we go - our foodie section!
Food & Beverage

Colour Theory

My very first successful operation online, at least from a traffic volume point of view, was a website about colour theory and practical applications, from historical pigments to modern computer science. I intend to re-upload the more valuable contributions and translate them to English as well. Colour theory doesn't make you money, but I am over the 'blogging for money' notion anyway, I just wanna have fun :D
Colours & Light

Artifex Naturalis

How to call a category that deals with nature, home&garden, making stuff and life hacks in general? No clue. So let's name it in Latin and burn the bridges behind us. This category is largely empty for now, but I have a variety of top interesting projects on my mind that may start in 2018 when I have access to land again.
Artifex is the artist, the maker, the creator. Naturalis means natural. I see it as bipolar stuff, first an artist who naturally creates stuff, as well as nature itself, creating wonderful things.


There is always something that needs to be said but fits nowhere else. There is also always a lot of rambling that is of interest to noone except the most ardent followers or rather the writer himself in a couple years when he reads it again and thinks 'That was the younger me? Oh dear...'
This category may even include fiction, politics, click bait posts (like '5 reasons to wear pants' or similar internet crap - yes, sometimes one feels the need to test if people really click on that nonsense and if there is any revenue in that). But mostly rambling.
Stories, blog and rambling station

New Article: Necropolis
The houses of the dead are more valuable than the dwellings of the living in most cases...
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