About FoxTravels

FoxTravels, the little magazine that covers travel, culture and lifestyle in Eurasia.

Travel, culture and lifestyle in Eurasia

Good day!
I am Frank Fox and I research and write about anything crossing my path that I deem worthy to be written about. Originally, FoxTravels was intended to be a travel guide for Vietnam and the Indochina peninsula, but life is a flowing, unpredictable thing and we jumped through all the governmental hoops and live back home in Europe now. However, I still maintain strong bonds with Vietnam and we will return.

Now of course the website does not continue to cover all the little pearls of the country we used to visit. Instead we will present more pieces out of a selection of different topics. Colour Theory for example is an old hobby of mine. Food is another. Making artsy stuff, home & garden, hiking, cycling around my hometown and general lifestyle topics that cover our rather off the beaten track style... The travel section will grow I suppose, but rather with articles on locations in Europe. Maybe I do a picture blog or vlog some day, who knows.

All in all let's say the website is a platform to post stuff I find interesting and where I hope you may find it interesting as well.

Enjoy, Fox