My 10 Most Favourite Manly YouTube Channels

My most favourite manly YouTube channels, or at least a selection of them.

My top 10 manly YouTube channelsMy top 10 manly YouTube channels | photo: Frank Fox (©)

You see, I am a married man, a father and quite responsible compared to before I stumbled over my family 10.000 kilometres far from home. Yes, having a wife at home and raising a daughter provides you with a ton of diversion from the daily grey (which is not grey anyway, because working in coffee always comes with interesting stuff to learn about), however sometimes you just go out and do something crazy, something few have done before and you do it just for the heck of it.
Boys will be boys they say, but I say this is the soul of any man - to keep a balance between responsibility and insanity.

Of course the wife does not like that, she wants her husband to stay 140% safe. So she comes up with a million reasons to NOT go on that jungle trip, to NOT turn the living room into a workshop for the next two months and NOT to build that Surströmming launcher. She keeps telling you it's insane, dangerous and completely inappropriate.

Over time you start believing, so you may not pursue your crazy ideas and eventually turn into a potato. Myself I follow my nonsensical ideas when I have time and the means for it (I do miss my workshop though, but running two fully equipped estates in both worlds I live in is a bit much strain for my wallet).

So, sometimes you need some role models to show you what is insane enough to set your mind free, but not insane enough to kill you. You need some fellows to show that you are not alone and that you can live an interesting life by any means.

This is the reason I love my collection of manly YouTube channels. "Manly" I say by tradition, but if my daughter wants to build a Surströmming launcher that screws up the neighbour's sense of smell for the next 12 days, who am I to deny her that pleasure? Screw the chromosomes, just go for it, have fun and set your mind free!

Colin Furze

Colin Furze's crazy invention show

If you define craziness the traditional way, it would say there is something wrong with the brain. In the case of Colin Furze however I'd say everything alright with his brain. Need proof? He's still alive and his inventions work. A 360° swing, powered by a paramotor that flings the former plumber around, a homemade rocket drive installed on a gokart and a steel suit that allows him to stand in the middle of a huge firework...

My absolute favourite was the steam pressurised turkey cooking machine that cooked the bird in a truly manly way. Keep it going Mr. Furze and never forget your safety tie, so we can enjoy your stuff in the future as well!


The Slingshot Channel

Jörg Sprave and his contraptions

Now that one is a lovely channel where a burly guy assembles slingshots and other projectile launchers, mostly involving rubber bands. Check it out how to kill a zombie efficiently, how to weaponize a Movember beard and watch Jörg Sprave developing a ballista that can spear a dragon out of the sky. The Slingshot Channel proves that pencils can hurt, almost as much as nine inch nails and watermelons.

Apart from the seemingly crazy inventions I love how he comes up with mechanisms and explains many things from the viewpoint of physics. My own understanding of mechanics was pretty much nonexistent before I got this all inclusive crash course from Jörg. Keep it up man, we love you!


Cody's Lab

Is it still a lab or rather a lifestyle?

Cody's Lab is one of my all time favourites. Cody has tons of interesting projects and also a very scientific viewpoint on everything. Sometimes odd, like flushing a toilet with quicksilver, other times very interesting, like sweeping the highway in search for diamonds (and finding them) and then sometimes more experimental than mental, like in his newest series on gardening and aquaponics, a topic I am very interested in myself. I follow this channel on and off almost since he started it and I learned a lot.


Hydraulic Press Channel (+Beyond The Press)

Crush it good and crush it now. | And blow it up sometimes...

I generally believe that Finns are a bit closer to the edge of insanity than the rest of mankind. Just take a look at the Moomins. A belief that is greatly fed by Lauri and Anni crushing stuff in their hydraulic press, always hoping for explosions, smoke and mayhem. Their sister channel Beyond The Press comes up with other weird ideas, like what you can do with motors, chainsaws and dynamite on a frozen lake. Love it.


Frog Leap Studios

Oppan Metal Style!

Here we have the first of two music channels on my list. Actually I was sick of the background noise when my daughter was watching "Wheels on the bus" on the phone, so I searched for a metal version of the song. And of course it had been done already - in this case by Leo Moracchioli, who also covered a ton of other popular songs and recreated them with PROPER sound!

I mean what's better than Gangnam Style in heavy metal? Lol!


Michael Cthulhu

The guy with the badassest swords you've ever seen.

Wanna see a guy who looks like one of these crazy bearded dudes who run the workshops in some detached Steampunk universe, creating absolutely freaking huge real swords and smashing burning stuff with them? You won't be disappointed, Michael is your man then. It is equally interesting to watch him planning and making his freakishly big creations, as it is relaxing to watch him charging into burning palettes with a blade that's so heavy it's almost impossible to lift without a crane. Keep it up Michael!



Just make it and make it with passion.

When it comes to creativity, to be a maker, to collect old tools and stuff, one man to follow is Jimmy DiResta. Yes, there are other makers that can teach you a lot and produce amazing content, but Jimmy is for me one of the most satisfying ones. I will cover more in some favourite maker's channels post, but here it is that one that gets featured. I mean making an amazing table by smashing an old car and being creative with all the old scraps he dives out of dumpsters - come on, this is beyond making, this is a lifestyle, and it's amazing!


Rob Scallon

How the heck does a shovel sound?

Ever thought about playing metal on a sitar? A harp? A shovel? No? Well, Rob Scallon did and I absolutely love it. I mean I suck at making music, but the creative approach to it is something I truly appreciate. I don't really know what to say, for I lack the proper terms for music, however you may want to check out his channel and enjoy the covers as well as independent pieces.



I it fits into the barrel, shoot it at a giant gummy bear!

To say it officially, I do not own guns, I do not shoot guns, I do not like guns. However! I do love watching them shooting the weirdest stuff from their shotgun. It is just awesome to see how different materials behave under supersonic conditions. Will it hit? Will it split? Will it miss? Will it pulverise? I also like their experiments with mercury - they show some interesting aspects of physics. Yes, whether you like guns or the rather off terrains of science, do yourself a favour and check out Taofledermaus on YouTube.


Backyard Scientist

They changed the pool water yesterday, time to turn it non-newtonian!

Another guy who plays with strange contraptions and materials that behave different than you would expect. From running 20.000 volts through a watermelon to splitting lighters with a red hot rocket blade, he comes up with the weirdest ideas and it never gets boring. Have you thought about melting salt in a furnace and pouring it into a water tank so it explodes? No? See! That is why I love this channel and all the other channels mentioned in this post.


Of course there are many more interesting channels to follow, I mean people get creative all the time and deserve some love for it. But I can't list them all in one post. That's probably why I will make more posts like this in the future.

Stay tuned and stay weird!

Frank Fox

My 10 Most Favourite Manly YouTube Channels by
My most favourite manly YouTube channels, or at least a selection of them.

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