Green is the colour of lush nature, of plants and ecology. Green also is the colour of hope, youth and balance. Young love is green, as well as the inexperienced greenhorn.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda Da Lat - Peaceful BuddhaLinh Phuoc Pagoda Da Lat - Peaceful Buddha | photo: Frank Fox (cc-by-sa)

The colour of life

Green is the colour of life and nature, a primary colour within the additive colour model, but a secondary colour in subtractive colour models, for you have to mix yellow and blue to get green.

Grass is green, leaves are, the sea sometimes is green and moss as well. You see, green is one of the most common colours in nature, because plants produce a green pigment called chlorophyll, which helps to process carbon dioxide and water. That´s (quick and dirty) how plants obtain energy, feed, and release oxygen to the atmosphere.

Bach Ma National Park WaterfallBach Ma National Park Waterfall | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Overview: Green

  • Green is the colour of life and thriving nature
  • Green is the colour of hope (that there will be spring after winter)
  • Green is the colour of Osiris and his rebirth
  • Young love, like the awakening of nature, is connected to green
  • Green is a primary colour in the additive colour model (RGB)
  • Within the subtractive colour model (CMYK) however, green is a secondary colour, consisting of yellow and blue
  • Green buttons are for starting machines (or things in general)
  • A greenhorn is an inexperienced person
  • We associate the colour green with an intact ecosystem and sustainability
  • The rainforest produces a good amount of oxygen we need, so we call it our green lung
  • A person who is quite skilled with plants has got a "green thumb"
  • If a project is ready to be converted, it gets "green light"
  • The green light at traffic lights is an example of green as a signal colour
  • Hunters wear green to conceal themselves in the forest
  • So the Hunter of Souls (the devil) is sometimes called Greencoat
  • Ireland is called green island, for the colour of the grass and the beautiful, smooth hills is exceptionally green
  • Chlorophyll is a green pigment that enables plants to obtain energy from light through the use of photosynthesis
  • Lush, green twigs at the windowsill may stop vampires from getting into the room

Colourful World

Grey is the colour of reliability, plain and boring. But also the hidden person behind the scene. Grey is unobtrusive, elegant and can be combined with any other colour.
White is proper, innocent and clean. The white dress stands for innocence and virginity, the white suit for extravagance. White is achromatic, but a mix of all colours in the additive colour scheme.
Black is the colour of the hidden, the unknown, death and sorrow. But it is also powerful and solid, a colour to trust and rely on.
I dare to say that red is the most important colour in the history of mankind. Red is so deeply ingrained in our daily perception, I cannot imagine a world without the colour.
Purple has been the most sought-after colour of the ancient times, but the details are still foggy.
Brown is the colour of trustworthiness, like the fertile soil. It is also simple and uncomplicated. Warm and aromatic, like coffee or fresh brown bread. But also simplicity (negative) and dirty.
The colour rose is female, sensitive, tender and charming. But also young, soft and sometimes naive. On the other hand, there is pink, which is also female, but more aggressive, untamed and independent.