Giving credit where credit is due.

Image credits are noted next to every picture, but here is some more:

In the past I was writing my own websites. They were customized and more secure than any ready-made CMS you can find on the webs. Why? Because a self-written piece of code is more or less unique. Hackers don't expect it, so it is much more difficult to find the vulnerabilities. No illusions here, every website is vulnerable. There is no such thing as a perfect security system, all you can do is to make it more difficult for the meanies to attack you.

However, times were changing and the more I focused on writing, research and photography, the less time there was to code. And you need to be up to date with responsive designs, that look good on the PC, tablets and smartphones alike. There is also time you need to invest in social media stuff because, well, as mentioned: Times are changing. So I decided to move on to a different CMS from Wordpress. But like so many things in life, also Wordpress went to the burial grounds. It is just too bulky and, yes, tempting. Tempting to test this widget and that plugin, extend here and modify there. In the end every plugin added some crap to the database and the poor little database got bloated like a weather balloon. Finally, my Wordpress installation crashed and as I was unable to access the admin area, I started developing my own, customized CMS again.

And this is what you see here: A customized open source template for the front end that is responsive and looks good on mobiles, as well as tablets and personal computers. Now, "looking good" is subject to everyone's own judgement, but I love the simplistic design now. It may change though, like everything in life changes.

Most of the images we post on any of our websites are illustrations or photographs made by ourselves, but sometimes when we are too far away to just go somewhere and shoot a picture, we use public domain or creative commons stuff. If they require attribution, you can find it next to the image.

For research I often start with Wikipedia, but then I move on to more specialized sources. In the past I never mentioned the sources, because I figured that the time one has to invest in proper citation could be used more efficiently. My perception on this has changed and I try to mention sources in the later articles. However, a good portion of the information I discovered myself, and mentioning "and there was an information plate mounted next to the statue" sounds quite strange, doesn't it?

For my videos I use music by Kevin McLeod, because that man makes music that is awesome and released under Creative Commons.

The flag icons we use to point out different countries are freeware and you can download them at the IconArchive.
Every now and then we also use other icons, for example Gort's icons here, or here the work of Guilherme Lima or here Chee Fang.

More icon artists:

One more thing is, we publish most of our own photographs under a Creative Commons license now. Just to give back to the community what we take every day.
Gotta participate, right?

Other things we use, used (and that were good) and ponder about to use, are:

  • Snews CMS (deprecated and replaced) is a light-weight CMS that is quite easy to implement. We used it for most of the backend-procedures once, but it's so heavily modified now, that you won't recognize it anymore.
  • Eric Meyer is the CSS guru that revolutionized the usage of cascading stylesheets. We are using some CSS resets that he came up with.
  • Here a shout-out to Wolfgang from the web-agency b83 in Austria, who was the first to teach me how to code and market stuff on the internet. Many things I do today, I do because of his teachings.
  • The guys that run ip2nation do a great job in creating a database for transition between ip address and the corresponding nation. What would we do without it?
  • For creating our responsive design, we tried many templates and studied them. What we finally began to use is the Ion design by Templated. Even if there is not much left that reminds you of the original template, we still want to give them a shout-out for the inspiration.

Now, that's it for now, maybe I can think of something else soon, then this page will be updated. Until then:
Have fun!

These credits apply to all the stuff we used and modified for the following websites that belong to the ColorfulFoxes network:
Meanwhile all our sites have been reduced to one, If we open new services, we let you know for sure.