Frank Fox

Frank Fox is an Austrian writer based in Salzburg and Saigon.

Bamboo PipeBamboo Pipe | photo: Frank Fox (©)

Curiosity is the reason for cats in the first place

Welcome visitor to the kaleidoscope of words and images that makes up the mind of a writer who left the safety of his hometown Salzburg to settle in the chaotic environment of Vietnam's most bustling city Saigon.

Saigon SkylineSaigon Skyline | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

If you wonder why and how this could happen, check out the "About" section of this website or follow me on any channel you like. But for now on this very page I do feel free to present my products and services.

Landscape on the way to LangbiangLandscape on the way to Langbiang | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox


As simple as that. You need something written in English or German language, I write it for you. The price for quill work largely depends on the subject, style and amount of research that flows into me and from there on the page.

ChiliesChilies | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Like every other writer out there I bring to (electronic) paper almost anything, but I have some fields where I am specialised in:

  • Travel
    in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as Europe, especially Austria.
  • Food
    I think everybody is a food writer at heart, though I have a background in gastronomy that helps a lot.
  • Art and Oddities
    is something I love from the very bottom of my heart. Whether it be artsy, creative human made stuff, design from elegant to quirky or fantastic, inspired craftsmanship, I love to explore and tackle new horizons.

Now that are the main fields I am most enthusiastic about. Of course, professional writing involves more than that, and I am up for a challenge here and there.

Lone Horse at LangbiangLone Horse at Langbiang | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox


Being near native in English and native in German at the same time comes with some perks, like being able not only to write in one of these languages, but also to translate from one to the other while keeping the tone and meaning as similar as possible.

Vietnamese Coffee in Da LatVietnamese Coffee in Da Lat | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Web Consulting

The internet is a vast and complicated place to be with your business. From your own website to social media appearances, online marketing and design, a little guidance and advice can help you avoid costly mistakes. Of course you can outsource your online stuff completely and let us do it for you.

Duck is eating the sunDuck is eating the sun | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

How comes?

Writers are artists and many artists are writers, and to be creative you need input. Loads of input. There may be people out there who sit in a clean, dull office for years and manage to come up with a nice story. However, most of us need a colourful environment to get the creative juices flowing and to get the brainy trees to blossom and bear fruit.

SalzburgSalzburg, a safe haven | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Out of chaos comes forth beauty

Austria is nice. Really nice. It's green, clean, quiet and professional. So is our language. A constructive language that feels like nice little Lego bricks, used for assembling amazing lingual constructs. We have a little more Waltz on our tongue than the Germans, but basically it's the same language and a very similar state of mind. At least in the West where I come from. The East is under a stronger Slavic influence with their fabulous, rich culture and colourful storytelling.

All in all it means that a writer in Austria is on a perpetual quest for creative input. And so was I.

DandelionFlow with the wind | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

The Path of the Righteous one... beset from both sides with boredom, dullness and long, dark winters. That's why I decided to awaken my slowly deteriorating brain by studying a new language. Mandarin Chinese.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

This led to my first travel to Asia and it was a life changing experience. Chaos overwhelmed my mind like one of these tsunami floods and for two months I was bobbing on brightly coloured currents like the cork from a bottle of unicorn juice.

Back home I had a quite nice and productive summer, until winter crept down from the mountains and that too familiar ennui began to settle in again. I panicked, checked my bank account and grabbed the next air plane by the tail fin. The journey took me to Hong Kong again, to Shenzhen, Hanoi, Da Nang and finally Saigon.

The Old Park at Nguyen Hue StreetSaigon - the everchanging, colourful bedlam | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

The ever changing city of entropy

Vietnam as a whole, but especially Saigon seems to the orderly mind of even one of the rather chaotic Austrians like a boiling, roaring pandemonium. There are so many impressions in a constant battle for your attention, that the method of gathering your creative input has to change fundamentally.
You don't need to painstakingly search for your sparks of inspiration anymore, rather you need to grab one of them fast enough while they are twirling by, chased by the winds of bedlam.

Here I think, therefore I am... well... here.


The Frozen Chain that Binds the WolfBreak your chains and set the spirit free! | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Return of the Yeti

Life is floating on the amorphous rivers of change, sometimes washed ashore where it rests still for a while and then again spirited away by wayward currents towards the capricious ocean of eternity. I am using quite a lot of adjectives here, but I deem that's okay. Life in Vietnam has been interesting, full of experiences of good and less good nature. I do believe that everybody needs to spend enough time immersed in a fundamentally foreign culture to get used to it - and then return to their roots for a lovely dose of reverse culture shock.

There are many things I unearthed during my time in a civilisation so different from ours that it is hard to describe to my fellow Austrians without invoking strong feelings of longing or reject. The truth is, it is just different, not better, not worse. And then not really different at the same time if that makes any sense to you.

Now, what I gained from these years abroad is experience. Experience in dealing with a different culture and different views of the world. I gained a great deal of insight in history, economy, development, in how the world works. Not only I believe that this very insight is very helpful in writing an objective story of any topic, it also triggers the development of some very interesting facets of a character.

What I also gained is a family - and it is hard to tell what changed me more, being away from home for so long, being a dad, or being a close member of a strong and traditional East Asian clan. My life has changed and it is much more colourful and, yes, complicated than it was before.

How curious I am about the future.

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