What is Indochina?

Nowadays when we speak about Indochina, what do we actually mean?

Temple GateTemple Gate | photo: Frank Fox (cc-by-sa)

Indochina is more than a historic term to us.

The first time in 1804, the proto-term of Indochina, indo-chinois, was used by a Danish geographer, describing the peninsula between India and China. People quickly picked up the term and used it to describe the "peninsula beyond the Ganges".

Later on, the term became unpopular, because it seemed to emphasise China too much for the taste of contemporaries.

When France set up their colony French Indochina, consisting of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Indochina became even more popular, however limited to these three countries.

Old Map of Indochina from 1911Old Map of Indochina from 1911 | photo: (©) Unknown

In our time, Indochina refers to the mainlands portion of Southeast Asia, including the following countries:

Indochina MapIndochina Map | photo: (pd) Frank Fox

It is disputable if Singapore and the mainlands part of Malaysia actually belong to Indochina, but let's include them for better or worse.

Indochina Tours

The term "Indochina Tours" has recently gained popularity among travellers, agencies and tour providers. They include the above mentioned countries and their most famous (or in other cases not the most famous, but rather most interesting) destinations.

FoxTravels Indochina

We limit ourselves to the Indochina peninsula for two practical reasons:
1.) The world is nice, but we want to be more specific with our content.
2.) Vietnam is nice but we don't want to be limited to one country. There is too much interesting stuff going on on the whole peninsula.

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