Why would you unwrap them?

Candles at a temple in Hanoi...

Why Should I Unwrap The Candles?Why Should I Unwrap The Candles? | photo: Frank Fox (cc-by-sa)

Why unwrap the candles? The flame burns through the plastic anyway, so let's just leave them like so.
Okay guys,sometimes I don't really get what drives these people, but okay...

Oddities in Asia

Oddities in Asia is a cluster of pages containing very short posts about odd stuff I encountered in Asia. Usually just a photo with a short description:
Candles in Hanoi | Weird hotel names | More is more sometimes
Fake zebras | Fire in the woods | Paranoid Saigon
Fake sakura | Powermetal Hong Kong | The world is a pig
There is more to come. At least 20 more images are hiding somewhere in our database and living in Asia you encounter odd stuff every time you open your eyes. Well, the same can be said about Europe I think. Just have fun!

Frank Fox

Why would you unwrap them? by
Candles at a temple in Hanoi...

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