Best Time to Visit Phu Quoc Island

The best time to visit Phu Quoc Island depends on your preferences. The weather is nicer during high season, while the island is less crowded during low season.

Vietnam's Phu Quoc is a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, located between Vietnam and Cambodia. Like other places at this geographical latitude, Phu Quoc features two seasons: The dry season and the rainy season.

tropical beach paradise Tropical beach paradise in Vietnam | photo: (cc-by-sa)

When to travel to Phu Quoc Island

The temperature on Vietnam's pearl island rarely gets any lower than 25°C, but a constant breeze from the sea makes even hot times a pleasant experience. The reast of the Phu Quoc weather is determined by the two main seasons.

In most other Southeast Asian regions, the only difference between dry and rainy season is whether you pack up a raincoat when you decide to go on a tour or not. On Phu Quoc however, the season determines the direction the wind comes from, and that is a quite important factor for beach bummers.

Sunset Sunset | photo: Jennifer Yin (cc-by-nc)

Let's face it: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam produce so much garbage that it is a miracle that people don't call them Trashmania or something. Yes, we write about the trash as well, mainly to raise awareness among the educated Vietnamese and tourists alike. Vietnam is simply beautiful, but choking on it's own garbage.
What has that to do with Phu Quoc Island?
Well, during rainy season the wind approaches from the West and the western beaches turn into garbageland, while during dry season it's the other way around.

Ham Ninh fishing village Ham Ninh fishing village | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Some areas are relatively clean even during rainy season, like Ong Lang Beach and Vung Bau Beach for example. The mysterious currents obviously wash sea shells and cool cannonball jellyfish remains ashore, but the trash stays away.

On the other hand Long Beach, where most of the resorts are located, is unswimmable in June for example. Well, don't let that keep you from bumming a day or two, for example on Sao Beach with clear water, white sand and beautiful girls.

Rose myrtle flower Rose myrtle flower | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Dry Season

Between November and May the dry season brings great diving weather to Phu Quoc Island. A clear sky and crystal-blue sea invites us for a dip in the cozy waters at the western beaches. Long Beach, Dai Beach, Ong Lang Beach and Vung Bau Beach are the places to be. From March to May the temperature is quite high though, but while we transpire like beaten goats in Saigon, the above mentioned sea breeze makes even the hottest weather bearable, even nice on Phu Quoc.

Bai Rach Vem Bai Rach Vem | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Rainy Season

The famous Southeast Asian wet season lasts from May to October and brings more balanced temperatures together with rain and regular downpours. While you have to bring along a raincoat on tours, the picturesque streams of the island are exceptionally beautiful. Visit Fairy Stream and Painting Stream during rainy season and enjoy the greener and lusher environment of the national park.

Long Beach Long Beach | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Tourism over the Year

Traditionally winter is the time for Europeans and North Americans to travel to Phu Quoc Island, while during summer holidays many Vietnamese families spend their holidays there. Be aware of traditional Vietnamese holidays, for traveling during these times may be a hassle and everything can be extremely crowded.

Fairy stream landscape Landscape on Phu Quoc Island | photo: (cc-by-sa)

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