Cao Dai Temples

There are two Cao Dai temples on Phu Quoc. One is old and simple, the other one new and elaborate. Choose and be amazed!

Cao Đài is a monotheistic religion native to Vietnam. In an attempt to unify all monotheistic religions the movement has been started in 1919 right here on Phu Quoc Island[1] and meanwhile counts over four million followers[2], especially in the south of Vietnam, but also in North America and other places where Vietnamese people chose to settle down.

Duong Dong Cao Dai temple Duong Dong Cao Dai temple | photo: Gavin White (cc-by-nc-nd)

Both Cao Đài temples on Phu Quoc are located in Duong Dong town. The older one can be found on 30 Thang 4 street at the edge of the town while the new temple, inaugurated in 2008, is located on 40 Nguyen Trai street. While the old one is very simple, the new temple is colorful and harbors many different icons of international deities. Thus, with all the colors and simple worshipping ceremonies are held (and can be witnessed) every day between 6 am and 12 pm.

Cao Dai temple on Phu Quoc Island Cao Dai temple on Phu Quoc Island | photo: Axel Drainville (cc-by-nc)

The Cao Đài temple on Nguyen Trai street is quite high and you can ascend all the way to the roof where you have a beautiful view of Duong Dong town and the surroundings.

Cao Dai Temple in Saigon Cao Dai Temple in Saigon | photo: Eric Six (cc-by-nc)

Symbol of Cao Dai Symbol of Cao Dai | (Public Domain)


[1] This information is controversial. According to Wikipedia, Cao Đài has been founded in 1926:
"On 7 Oct 1926, Lê Văn Trung (a former elected official of the Colonial Council of Cochinchina and a member of the Conseil de Gouvernement de l'Indochine), and a leading group of 27 Caodaists, the first disciples of Cao Đài, signed the "Declaration of the Founding of the Cao Đài Religion" and presented it to the French Governor of Cochinchina."
However, since there are several different branches and sects of Cao Đài, six of them officially approved, others operating on a more private basis, any information is disputable and may be from the point of view of one of the more popular branches.
[2] 4,4 million Cao Đài followers are officially registered by the Vietnamese government, but since religion in Vietnam is generally practiced rather privately, the actual number of followers could be around 6 million in Vietnam and even 10-20 million worldwide.

Cao Dai Temple in Saigon Worshippers at the Cao Dai temple in Saigon | photo: Eric Six (cc-by-nc)

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