Sightseeing and Activities on Phu Quoc Island

What to see and what to do on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam's pearl island and major tourist destination.

Now that you are safely tucked in at your favorite hotel room on Phu Quoc, it's time to explore the tropical paradise island. We collected the best sights and most beautiful landmarks of Phu Quoc Island for you right here:

Fishing boats Fishing boats on the beach | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Phu Quoc Beaches

The island feautures over fourty kilometers of sandy beaches, enough space to set up your base camp at the beach without it getting overly crowded. Not even German tourists need to reserve their chairs with towels in the evening. The selection of beaches starts with the picturesque white sands of Sao Beach over the long stretches of palmtree-backed length of Long Beach to the hidden coves and tiny semi-private shores of Ong Lang Beach.

Check out our main article about the beaches of Phu Quoc Island.

Fairy stream landscape Fairy Stream - Suoi Tien | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Phu Quoc Waterfalls and Streams

While the most famous of the three streams on Phu Quoc Island is the garbage-choked Da Ban Stream, there are two much more beautiful places around. Painting Stream (Suoi Tranh) and Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien). The Painting Stream is easy to access and part of a nice landscape park, while Fairy Stream is very hard to find, but remote and quiet.

Coi Nguon Museum, Phu Quoc, VietnamThe boat filled with pottery is the heart of the museum | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Coi Nguon Museum

The Phu Quoc Museum is definitely worth a visit. It is the largest privately owned museum of Vietnam and the owner, a former tourguide, has collected most of his treasures himself. The museum is located near Duong Dong and from the roof you have a fair sight over Long Beach and the town.

Dinh Cau free travel photosCau Temple | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Temples and Pagodas

Phu Quoc features a selection of interesting temples and quiet pagodas. The most interesting aspect of spiritual life on the island are the Cao Dai temples. Cao Dai is a religion that has been founded in Vietnam in an attempt to bring all major religions of the world under one roof. The most picturesque temple however is Dinh Cau, the seaside temple of Thien Hau, the goddess of the ocean.

Duong Dong Cao Dai temple Duong Dong Cao Dai temple | photo: Gavin White (cc-by-nc-nd)

Products of Phu Quoc Island

The major products of the island are fish sauce, pearls and pepper. It is not surprising, that there are many tours, offering to visit the one or another fish sauce factory, shops and showrooms of adventurous pearl farms, as well as pepper farms. One more interesting product is sim wine, a liqueur made from the fruits of rose myrtle (sim) bushes that grow everywhere on Phu Quoc.

Rose myrtle flower Rose myrtle flower | photo: (cc-by-sa)

More Sightseeing

There are still some more or less remote fishing villages on the island that don't only make a formidable background for your selfies, but sometimes also offer seafood, boat tours and fishing trips.

Le Bat village Le Bat village | photo: (cc-by-sa)

You don't have to leave your track to get impressed by the Phu Quoc Ridgeback, Vietnam's only native dog breed. The dogs are smart and friendly, but they don't give a dime on the traffic.

Phu Quoc Ridgeback Puppy Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Take a stroll through the forest near Ganh Dau. Don't touch the local wildlife though, some animals may be venomous.

A chartered boat on Phu Quoc Island A chartered tourist boat off the coast of Sao Beach | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Other Activities

There are mainly two opportunities to go and catch some fish. A regular fishing tour by boat or a nightly trip to catch squid. Whatever you decide to go for, even if you don't catch anything the tour operators may do so and cook in for you on the boat.

Pearls More pearls | photo: (cc-by-sa)

More Free Travel Pictures from Phu Quoc Island

Whether you want to angle by yourself or with friends, you need a boat for a whole day or as a floating location for a birthday party, bigger vessels can be rented for a certain amount of time at An Thoi harbour on the southern tip of the island.

Water Sports Water sports | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Sporty Activities

If you happen to be one of the more sporty fellows out there, why don't you try one of the following things?

Palms on Long Beach Palm trees on Long Beach | photo: (cc-by-sa)

Whatever you choose to do,
enjoy your vacation!

Coi Nguon Resort, Phu Quoc, VietnamThat should have been the bungalow for my stay on Phu Quoc Island! | photo: (cc-by-sa)

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