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Red Starfish at Rach Vem BeachRed Starfish at Rach Vem Beach | photo: Frank Fox (cc-by-sa)

There is a plethora of websites on the internet, dealing with Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. Some of them are travel guides, some of them informational articles about the island and some newspapers.
Check them out if you are in need of more information about the island!

Fish Traps at Rach Vem Village, Phu QuocFish Traps at Rach Vem Village, Phu Quoc | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Vietnam Coracle
An independent travel blog, quite nice to read. Tom experiences everything himself and writes great stories about the locations he visited. If you are searching for itineraries and stories about self-guided motorbike tours, that's the site to look for it!

The picturesque Dai Beach on Phu Quoc IslandThe picturesque Dai Beach on Phu Quoc Island | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Rusty Compass
Every traveller in the greater Indochina region knows and appreciates Rusty Compass.

Long Beach Phu QuocLong Beach Phu Quoc | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

In SE Asia is a great site that features information about almost anything that's going on... well.. in Southeast Asia. Here is their travel guide of Phu Quoc: InSeAsia.

Fishermen at Rach Vem Beach on Phu Quoc IslandFishermen at Rach Vem Beach on Phu Quoc Island | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Wiki Travel
Actually Wikivoyage, a Wikimedia project about travelling. Quite interesting for gathering travel information.

Rach Vem beachRach Vem beach | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

The Wiki page about Phu Quoc Island is of course out number one when it comes to information gathering.

Pool at Salinda Resort Phu QuocPool at Salinda Resort Phu Quoc | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Tuoi Tre News
Vietnamese newspaper in English language, frequently reporting news about Phu Quoc.

Ong Lang BeachOng Lang Beach | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Thanh Nien News
Another Vietnamese newspaper in English which to read we recommend.

Hidden Beach CrabHidden Beach Crab | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Discover Phu Quoc
Looks kinda unfinished, but you find information about the island here.

Phu Quoc Island
Another travel guide about Phu Quoc Island.

Dinh CauDinh Cau | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Lonely Planet
Definitely one of the most famous travel sites around.

Dinh CauDinh Cau | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Vietnam Online
One of the biggest travel websites in Vietnam

People on the Night MarketPeople on the Night Market | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

Phu Quoc
Another travel site with information about the island.

Phu Quoc PearlsPhu Quoc Pearls | photo: (cc-by-sa) Frank Fox

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More Foxy Stuff

Phu Quoc Water SportsPhu Quoc Water Sports
Holidays on a tropical island would be odd without the opportunity to do sports. Water sports. Here is a selection of stuff that you can try on Phu Quoc.
Shopping on Phu QuocShopping on Phu Quoc
You can get some really interesting products from Phu Quoc, mainly pepper, pearls and fish sauce. There are other things too, just check out the variety of shopping opportunities on the island.
Phu Quoc Fishing ToursPhu Quoc Fishing Tours
Join a fishing tour for a relaxed afternoon and a hearty meal.
Phu QuocPhu Quoc
Phu Quoc is the pearl island of Vietnam and developing as fast as any other prime tourist location in Southeast Asia.
Getting Around On Phu Quoc IslandGetting Around On Phu Quoc Island
There are several methods to be mobile on Phu Quoc Island. Just check out our description and pick what you prefer.
Phu Quoc National Park & Jungle TrailsPhu Quoc National Park & Jungle Trails
One great way to experience the pristine wilderness of Phu Quoc Island is a walk along the jungle trails near Ganh Dau up at the northwestern tip.
Thom BeachThom Beach
Thom Beach is right at the northeastern tip of the island. Remote and beautiful. Since I could not make it there with my camera, I have a pretty mermaid here instead.