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Whether you choose a resort, a villa or a backpacker hostel is up to you - Phu Quoc Island has it all!

Salinda Resort on Phu Quoc IslandSalinda Resort on Phu Quoc Island | photo: Frank Fox (cc-by-sa)

Phu Quoc Island has a plethora of hotels and resorts to offer. From cheap backpacker hostels to five star luxury resorts you can find anything you desire. One thing for sure: You don't need to sleep in the forest.

Along the over 40 kilometers of sandy beaches there is enough space to place your cozy beach chair, towel and umbrella. The better resorts on Phu Quoc Island even offer a private beach for their guests.

Most accommodations are near Duong Dong Town along Long Beach and not far from the busy tourist strip and some of the best landmarks of the area. If you like it more peaceful and remote, the beaches between Duong Dong and Ganh Dau, especially Ong Lang Beach, feature a couple of quiet and beautiful beach resorts. Pretty impressive in my opinion, as we followed a narrow dirt road through a calm, lush forest and all of a sudden a huge five star resort emerged from the jungle.

As I already explained in our article about the best time to visit Phu Quoc Island, the western coast is especially nice during dry season. At least if you want to swim in the sea. If you are happy with a clean strip of beach, a pool and chairs to tan, relax and watch the clouds passing by overhead, the west side is a great place to spend your vacation, since the best accommodations are located there with all desirable amenities. Some landlocked resorts are available as well and they are usually cheaper than beachfront places.

Budget travellers might want to consider that remote hostels are cheaper, but getting access to the supermarkets and restaurants of Duong Dong Town is a bit trickier then. In our article about getting around on Phu Quoc Island, we discuss the different opportunities you have to stay mobile on our beautiful paradise island.

If you happen to have a thicker wallet, then rest assured, Phu Quoc Island has what you wish for: Some of the best luxury resorts in Vietnam.

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The further development of the island towards Vietnam's prime tourist destination is sprouting building sites all along the coastline and hotels, resorts or villas places are added to the traveller's choice on a regular basis. Currently they are working on a highway traversing the island from the North to the South. Once that project is finished, getting around Phu Quoc will be much faster and more efficient.

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