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Macchiato is not to be confused with a Latte Macchiato...
Letting off steamLetting off steam
Letting off steam at the espresso machine.
Caffe LatteCaffe Latte
Pouring milk foam for a Caffe Latte.
Coffee and Hot Chocolate at Cafe Konditorei FürstCoffee and Hot Chocolate at Cafe Konditorei Fürst
Kaffeehaus in Salzburg.
View from Bookworms CafeView from Bookworms Cafe

Bookworms Coffee in Saigon is the primordial backpacker place. Hostel, food, beer, books, games and a tour desk. Cosy and affordable.

Bookworms Coffee SaigonBookworms Coffee Saigon

Bookworms Coffee in Saigon is the primordial backpacker place.

Cup of CoffeeCup of Coffee
Just a colourful cup of coffee amongst lovely, fragrant coffee beans.
Espresso at Hue Cafe RoasteryEspresso at Hue Cafe Roastery

Good coffee in Thao Dien: Hue Cafe Roastery

Greed is not a virtueGreed is not a virtue

Here we have espresso at Hue Cafe Roastery in Thao Dien with an apple cinnamon pie from Saint Honore.

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In Saigon, we drink iced beverages all day, so it does not surprise that we also drink our coffee, even the speciality coffee on the rocks.

Now one thing that happens if you use regular ice cubes from the freezer is - they melt fast and water down your coffee.

So it is advised to always use clear, compacted ice when you can get your hands on it. It cools fast and melts slow.

I actually played with the thought of using fake ice cubes that do not melt and therefore do not dilute the drink, but the Saigonese have the habit to chew their ice cubes and unless you get commission from a local dentist it would be rather counterproductive then.