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Bikes on the highwayBikes on the highway
Some motorbikes on the highway that connects to north and south of Phu Quoc Island.
Phu Quoc HighwayPhu Quoc Highway
The highway through the national park is connecting north and south of Phu Quoc.
Highway CowsHighway Cows
Cows on the highway. Well, why not?
Odd Machine Transporting WoodOdd Machine Transporting Wood
An odd machine transporting wood somewhere on the way between Bavet and Phnom Penh on the highway.
Two Girls and a Flower in CambodiaTwo Girls and a Flower in Cambodia
These two little girls admire a flower by the side of the highway from Bavet to Phnom Penh.
One More Load of Corn CobsOne More Load of Corn Cobs
They transport corn cobs on motorbikes. Not only the Vietnamese heap stuff on their bikes, the Khmer are good at that as well. As seen on the highway from Bavet to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.
Phu Quoc RoadsPhu Quoc Roads
The highway on Phu Quoc Island is the best way to explore the island on your own with a rented motorbike.