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Love Story of LangbiangLove Story of Langbiang
The love story of Langbiang is Vietnams touching version of Romeo and Juliet.
Zebra of LangbiangZebra of Langbiang
Younger tourists may like this horse, painted as a zebra on Langbiang mountain in Da Lat.
Zebras of LangbiangZebras of Langbiang
Horses painted as zebras are a tourist attraction for younger travellers on Langbiang mountain in Da Lat.
The view from the peak of LangbiangThe view from the peak of Langbiang
Once you hiked to the peak of Da Lats Langbiang mountain, you can experience this beautiful scenery to unfold under your curious eyes.
Sunset at LangbiangSunset at Langbiang
The setting sun at Langbiang mountain in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Rays of LightRays of Light
Rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds at Langbiang mountain in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Langbiang Pine ForestLangbiang Pine Forest
A view of the typical pine forest of the Langbiang region in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Lone Horse at LangbiangLone Horse at Langbiang
A lone horse in the dim light of the setting sun. Langbiang is a fascinating landscape, so beautiful.
Pine Forest LangbiangPine Forest Langbiang
The typical pine forest of Langbiang smells like home. At least for me as an Austrian it does.
The Peaks of LangbiangThe Peaks of Langbiang
The peaks of Langbiang mountain from the street that leads to the mountain itself.