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Vats of Fish SauceVats of Fish Sauce
Vats of fermenting fish sauce at Khai Hoan factory on Phu Quoc island.
View from the Rosenhügel over the Mirabell Gardens towards the fortress.
Hoan Kiem by NightHoan Kiem by Night
Impressions of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi by night.
Hanoi Turtle Tower by NightHanoi Turtle Tower by Night
The turtle tower in Hanoi by night.
Salzburg Old Town and FortressSalzburg Old Town and Fortress
Just another shot of the old town of Salzburg with the fortress Hohensalzburg.
More red lanterns in ChongqingMore red lanterns in Chongqing
I mean it is China, so red lanterns are everywhere.
Old Town of ChongqingOld Town of Chongqing
Lots of red lanterns at the entrance to the old town of Chongqing.
Window of the World, Eurasian FusionWindow of the World, Eurasian Fusion
Copy architecture in China.
Shenzhen Space TheatreShenzhen Space Theatre
This dome is as far as I know called the Shenzhen Space Theatre.
Girls admiring a paintingGirls admiring a painting
Girls admiring a painting in the Oil Painting Village Dafen of Shenzhen in China.