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Prepare for potting seasonPrepare for potting season
Slowly we prepare for the potting of... well, potted plants in the garden.
Green Curry At Leks Thai KitchenGreen Curry At Leks Thai Kitchen
Right opposite of SEAD and Rockhouse, on an otherwise empty plot of land, you find a small shack where the most delicious Thai food is prepared by three charming ladies. During prime time it is advised to order in advance.
Greek TriremeGreek Trireme
" its top as well as by an overhanging rich carpet. Flat-bottomed, long, and narrow, these vessels sometimes reached a length of three hundred feet, and their speed, either when running before a wind or when propelled by oars, must have been anything but slow. As the Egyptian influence had been handed on to the Phoenicians and modified, so the Phoenicians handed onto Greece and Rome the ship as they had left her. We have abundant information as to Greek and Roman vessels, not merely from the writings of classical authors, but from most interesting discoveries that have been made in Greece, Italy and Northern Africa. In the year 1834, for instance, in the Piraeus were unearthed some highly important records of the Athenian dockyard superintendents, containing inventories of the Athenian arsenals of the fourth century b.c. These have since been elucidated and supplemented by further research. As early as the thirteenth century b.c, Greek vessels were sailing over the sea, and five hundred years 38..." src: "The romance of the ship; the story of her origin and evolution" (1911)
Ilha da Queimada GrandeIlha da Queimada Grande
Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, one of many Snake Islands around the world, is an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. It is administered as part of the municipality of Peruibe in the State of Sao Paulo. The island is small in size and has many different types of terrain, ranging from bare rock to rainforest. The island has a temperate climate. The island is the only home of the critically endangered, venomous Bothrops insularis (golden lancehead pit viper), which has a diet of birds. The snakes became trapped on the island when rising sea levels covered up the land that connected it to the mainland. This left the snakes to adapt to their environment, increase rapidly in population and render the island dangerous to public visitation. Queimada Grande is closed to the public in order to protect this snake population; access is only available to the Brazilian Navy and selected researchers vetted by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, the Brazilian federal conservation unit. src: Wikipedia
Rock Formations on Sao BeachRock Formations on Sao Beach
Where ever the waves erode boulders by the seaside, you may find interesting geological formations.
Rent a boat on Phu Quoc IslandRent a boat on Phu Quoc Island

Renting a boat on Phu Quoc Island

The Dugong is one of the rare species of sea mammals that call Phu Quoc National Park their home.
Dinh CauDinh Cau
Dinh Cau, a temple for Thien Hau, the goddess of the sea.
Hexaplex trunculusHexaplex trunculus
Hexaplex trunculus is a medium-sized species of sea snail was found on the north part of Israeli coastal plain near Tel Shikmona.
Fresh SquidFresh Squid
Here we went to the beach to enjoy some fresh squid.