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Violets are violetViolets are violet
Who got the weird idea that violets are blue? I mean they are clearly violet.
Red FireRed Fire
Fire in the night (just some weirdo burning trash at 3 AM in Saigon), the picture has been edited to make it more red.
Black Cotton SwabsBlack Cotton Swabs
Rumour has it that these black cotton swabs were developed in Japan, so you can see all the grime better when you pull it out of your ears...
Pineapple FlowersPineapple Flowers
Right before the traditional Tet holidays in Vietnam (Lunar New Year), you can find the strangest fruit and decorative items. Here for example, overgrowing pineapples.
Certificate of CertificationCertificate of Certification
Here we have the wonderful "Certificate of Certification", given only to the most certifyable certificate-deserving companies in Vietnam.
Stuffed Vine LeavesStuffed Vine Leaves
Palatable (what a weird word) stuffed vine leaves at Al Sham in Saigon. I dearly recommend you to try this Syrian restaurant.
Made a savoury cookieMade a savoury cookie
We had some leftovers, so I made something that resembles a big cookie instead of a bread. Savoury peanut cookie and here it is topped with radishes and smoked Polish sausage and smoked cheese. Sausage and cheese from Smoky Piotr Meats.