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The dwarven way to knock on a doorThe dwarven way to knock on a door
Just making a door where none was before.
Master of the KeysMaster of the Keys

The keybearer may discover some secrets in the abandoned dungeons under his house... Now, why does this stuffed keyring remind me of my time playing Ultima?

Lilac - FliederLilac - Flieder
Purple lilac growing in the garden.
Garden in spring before the first mowGarden in spring before the first mow
Garden in spring before the first mow. Quite some flowers coming up in spring.
Ivy growing on a log.
Workshop CleanupWorkshop Cleanup
It is not just spring, but also the time I take possession of my heritage, two workshops in our house. However, this part of our house has been neglected for far too long and needs a major cleanup.
Violets are violetViolets are violet
Who got the weird idea that violets are blue? I mean they are clearly violet.
Prepare for potting seasonPrepare for potting season
Slowly we prepare for the potting of... well, potted plants in the garden.
Old Rose HipsOld Rose Hips
Old rose hips, leftovers from last autumn.
The roses awaken in springThe roses awaken in spring
Our wild dog rose awakens in spring. I love that one, but it needs firm and frequent pruning, unless you want it to cover... pretty much everything.