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Nguyen Hue Street, Walking Street, SaigonNguyen Hue Street, Walking Street, Saigon
Stock image licensed under cc0. The most famous walking street in Saigon.
Drum RoasterDrum Roaster
Coffee roasting machine.
Tea Company Wall InstallationTea Company Wall Installation
Exhibition booth of a tea company.
Macchiato is not to be confused with a Latte Macchiato...
Letting off steamLetting off steam
Letting off steam at the espresso machine.
Caffe LatteCaffe Latte
Pouring milk foam for a Caffe Latte.
Defect coffee beansDefect coffee beans
A bowl of defect coffee beans.
The Smallest Banana in the WorldThe Smallest Banana in the World
Here I have the maybe smallest banana in the world.
Red FireRed Fire
Fire in the night (just some weirdo burning trash at 3 AM in Saigon), the picture has been edited to make it more red.
Banh Khoai Mi and Banh Da LonBanh Khoai Mi and Banh Da Lon
Banh khoai mi and banh da lon, cassava cake and pig skin cake. Lovely!