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Painting Stream
Painting Stream or sometimes Painted Stream or Tranh Stream (Suoi Tranh) is a nice park with a waterfall at the end of a walking trail.
Da Ban Stream
One of the evergreens for Phu Quoc visitors is simply not visitable anymore... Why? Read on.
Duong Dong Beach
The beach of Duong Dong town is nice to sit, enjoy the breeze and watch fishing vessels.
Phu Quoc Pearls
Beautiful sea pearls are what gave Phu Quoc Island its nickname "Pearl Island".
Temples and Pagodas on Phu Quoc Island
While Phu Quoc is not really your spiritual haven, it has several temples and pagodas to investigate. Rumor has it, that a few spiritual leaders got enlightened on the island as well.
Phu Quoc RidgebackPhu Quoc Ridgeback
The Phu Quoc Ridgeback is the only breed of dogs that is actually native to Vietnam. Let us find out more about them!
Street Food
Asia without street food would be a sad, unthinkable place, right?
Long Beach
Long Beach on Phu Quoc is probably the most touristy beach of the island. Depending on where you stay, you will probably see it first.
Phu Quoc Water SportsPhu Quoc Water Sports
Holidays on a tropical island would be odd without the opportunity to do sports. Water sports. Here is a selection of stuff that you can try on Phu Quoc.
Phu Quoc Fairy Stream
There are more than one Fairy Stream in Vietnam. This hidden pearl is on Phu Quoc Island.