Discover Vietnam from Sapa up North down to the Mekong Delta and investigate metropolises like Saigon and Hanoi.


There are many things to see in Vietnam. From Sapa all the way to the North to the delta of the mighty Mekong down South, with two competing metropolises and several other beautiful cities, embedded in the limestone highlands and distributed along the coastline, Vietnam is one of the world's top travel destinations.

Vietnam still features the charm of a traditional, Southeast Asian country that preserves much of it's ancient heritage. The imperial city Hue is a good example for traditional architecture, while not far away Da Nang is a well-developed modern city - and probably the cleanest city in Vietnam.

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Bach Ma National Park is a stunningly beautiful and natural landscape in the center of Vietnam, right next to the heritage city of Hue.
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Bach Ma National Park


While all over Vietnam rice paddies, fish sauce manufacturers, tofu workshops and salt fields are tended by hand in traditional ways, the fast growing urban regions spawn skyscrapers like... well, rather slow growing mushrooms.
Developing resort areas like Phan Rang or Phu Quoc Island feature a vast selection of offers for tourists who want to experience something or just came to take a couple days off at Vietnam's sandy beaches.
Shopping malls with international brands are conquering market shares in the cities and entertainment and nightlife opportunities are there aplenty.
However, the most interesting thing about Vietnam in our opinion is the diverse and interesting cuisine. From a broad variety of noodle soups you can eat your way through tasty meals like broken rice, a variety of sweet soups, clam noodles and of course seafood.

Map of Vietnam


Flag of Vietnam

Area: 332.698 km2
Population: 94.6 million (2016)
Ethnic groups: 54
Religion: Ancestorial (72%+)
Currency: đồng (đ) (VND)
Time zone: (UTC+7)
Calling code: +84
ISO 3166 code: VN
TLD: .vn

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  • Saigon
    Formerly the Pearl of Indochina, Saigon is one of the fastest growing cities of Southeast Asia. Here you find everything, from local and international food to a bustling nightlife.
  • Hanoi
    If culture is the reason why you came to Vietnam, starting out in the old town of Hanoi is a good idea.
  • Hue
    The imperial city Hue used to be the capital during the reign of the Nguyen emperors. Nowhere else you can find so much real Vietnamese culture and heritage in one place. Also the food is considered the best in Vietnam, a bit spicy though.
  • Da Lat
    The city of eternal spring is located high up on a plateau of the Central Highlands. Not only the best coffee comes from Da Lat, you can also experience the greatest trekking adventures.
  • Mui Ne
    If you fancy a couple days of beachbumming and rather easy, short tours around the area, Mui Ne and Phan Thiet are what you are searching for. Resorts of all kinds can be found along the seaside.
  • Phu Quoc
    Rapidly developing to be Vietnam's main resort island, Phu Quoc still has the charme of a real backwater place with some hidden beaches, a national park, fish sauce production and pearl farming.
  • More to see in Vietnam
    There is a lot to see in the land of the Dragon Children and many stories to tell. If you are curious, just check them out!

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Phu Quoc Ridgeback


While Hanoi is Vietnam's capital city and the centre of culture, government and bureaucracy, Saigon is the biggest and liveliest city of the country. But that is not the only difference between the two major metropolises. Hanoi has four seasons, Saigon has only two - the rainy season and the dry season. But what is the best time to visit Vietnam?


The art of Vietnamese cooking is passed down from generation to generation. It is a healthy and delicious blend of many Asian influences, topped up by the French occupation that brought delicious things like paté and baguette to improve the already great local cuisine even more. Check out our food section and use the focus Vietnam in your search.

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  • An Bang Necropolis
    An entire city for the ancestors. The houses of the dead are more expensive than the dwellings of the living in most cases.
  • Dalat Biological Research Institute
    The Biological Research Institute of Da Lat is the probably creepiest museum in the Central Highlands.
  • Langbiang
    Langbiang is the most famous mountain of southern Vietnam and located in beautiful Da Lat in the Central Highlands.
  • Bach Ma National Park
    Bach Ma National Park is a stunningly beautiful and natural landscape in the center of Vietnam, right next to the heritage city of Hue.
  • The Fairy Stream of Mui Ne
    Included in probably every tour in Mui Ne, the Fairy Stream is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the whole area and definitely worth a visit.
  • Phu Quoc Fish Sauce
    There are several fish sauce factories on Phu Quoc Island that are accessible to visitors. Most of them however show only the giant wooden tanks where the anchovies ferment and the fragrant, salty juice gets bottled.
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